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Develop and update impact fees to fairly allocate and pay for additional capital infrastructure


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Land use and transportation planning to support access to local and healthy food


Jon Slason, PE, has significant experience with alternative funding methods such as impact fees. He participates in the national Growth and Infrastructure Consortium (formerly the National Impact Fee Roundtable).

Jonathan has degrees in economics and civil engineering providing a valuable combination of skills to develop municipal impact fees.

As a member of Resource Systems Group (RSG) Jon led several impact fee projects including

  • St. Albans Impact Fees (library, fire, public works, general admin, and transportation)
  • City of Jacksonville (FL) Mobility Fees
  • a pilot for the first transportation improvement district (TID) for VTrans around Exit 12 Williston.
  • Town of Essex Sidewalk Impact Fee,
  • City of South Burlington Transportation Impact Fees (ongoing)
  • Town of Williston Transportation Impact Fees, and
  • City of Winooski Transportation Impact Fees.

VSD is an outgrowth of Jon’s interest in supporting local communities, businesses, and non-profits access professional engineering and planning services. Jon pursues non-transportation impact fee work through VSD Consulting while retaining an overall emphasis on transportation focused efforts at RSG.

Jon has recently completed the update to the Town of Hinesburg, Vermont Fire Department impact fees (2023-2024).

Currently, Jon is actively assisting the Town of Essex with the development of a new Fire Impact Fee that will consider a range of future growth scenarios, and options to include ambulance and emergency services.

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